Fundraising Initiative With Kirmac Cares For Kids

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PrimeImage Technologies is pleased to announce a brand new fundraising initiative with Kirmac Collision & Kirmac Cares for Kids which directly supports BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. As of January 2015, PrimeImage Technologies is donating to the foundation a percentage of the profits from every machine sold.  So when you lease or purchase any multifunction device from PrimeImage Technologies you are helping to provide better health care for kids in British … Read More

Are you using Konica Minolta authorized toner?

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Authorized Dealers It is important to use Konica Minolta direct from factory toner that is compatible with your Konica Minolta device as the use of remanufactured or recycled toner can cause damage to your equipment and reduce your print quality. From time to time, you may be contacted by unlicensed toner resellers who sell recycled toner as ‘new’. These people … Read More

How to Store Paper to Avoid a Service Call

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What issues can incorrect paper storage cause? Regardless of the type of printer you are using, humidity affects paper. While paper is naturally very dry (digital printer paper contains just 4-5% moisture), laser printers and copiers require the use of higher quality paper that is dryer than regular paper. Storing paper in a high humidity environment, dampens the paper. If … Read More