Maintaining Your Office Copier

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Your office copier machine should be at the right condition at all times. It serves a critical role in the office and if it becomes dysfunctional, it means that the functionality and efficiency of your office is affected.  You should understand the best way to maintain it at top condition. With a good working condition, it also means that your working process will be easier.  Copier repair is essential to ensure that it does not breakdown completely.  Below are some of the tips for maintaining your office copier.

How to Maintain Your Office Copier Machine?

Perform proper care

In case your copier has stayed for some time without use, you should carry out a few print tests before you can use it extensively. Ensure that you replace old paper with brand new ones and check if they will jam before you can start your working day. If left idle for a long time, the copier machine goes to sleep mode and starts a calibration mode once you run it again.

Avoid using crappy paper

There is a tendency among many people to leave their copiers filled to the top. It is good to check the capacity, so that you can fill it in the recommended way.  You can check the capacity somewhere inside the tray. The papers should also be clean, dry and organized ready to be used. Using crinkled papers can make the copier machine to jam, while moisture can make the papers to curl and ripple leading to low quality printing work.

Observe discipline when using the copier

Note that you can damage the copier by handling it in the wrong way. Therefore, you should handle the machine with extreme care. There is a correct and wrong way of fixing your copier. At first, you may think of tearing open the drawers and start looking where cause of the paper jam. However, this is wrong. You should follow the instructions provided on how to clear a jam.  If you open the machine too fast, some of the papers may get torn and make it hard to retrieve them without using tools and a professional copy machine service.  The first thing to do is to unplug it to avoid getting an electric shock.

When you find lines, copier repairs professional is needed

Copy machine repair by a professional is the best option when you find lines appearing on your page. The lines are signs the roller is dirty. It is only a printer repair expert who can access, clean and remove any form of dirt from the roller.  The lines may also appear if there is paper jamming before it completes the fusing process in the copier. In case you are in a rush and may not have the time to call a professional service, you can run some blank copies on fresh and clean paper. This helps reduce the marks. The lines may also appear if the glass has spot or dirt. You can clean the glass using a soft cloth or an alcohol glass cleaner.

All supplies are not equal

Toners differ in terms of quality and viscosity.  In case you do not use the correct toner for your machine, it can get severe damage which requires costly hp copier repair. This type of repair may not be covered by the machine warranty.  The copier manual shows all the kinds of toners that can work with the machine so be sure to check it for the right recommendations. You need to check with your Ricoh copier repair near me when making orders to make sure that you are ordering the right supplies for your specific model of copier. Always be on the look of toner pirates.

Ensure you clean the copier regularly

One thing that will keep your copier working well is performing regular cleaning. The cleaning job includes light wiping of its exterior, exit and bypass trays. You should also clean the entry areas of the copier to ensure debris and dirt do not affect the paper path. Most of the machines usually come with a wiping cloth to clean the glass platen.  Before you scan or make copies check for dirt that will show on your documents if you do not wipe the glass. As you clear jams, make sure you retrieve all papers because even the smallest scrap left inside the path can ruin your next copy run.

Choose the right copiers for your requirements

At times your copier may break down because it is not suited for your office use. In case you keep on doing copy machine repair, but still breaks down, then this may be caused by its overuse.  When buying the copier, do not go for the cheapest options you have in the market.  Such machines may cost you more when it comes to repairs, productivity and lost downtime in the long run.

Regular service call and maintenance

Like any other machine you may have in your office, regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of your copier. You need to work with your copy machine service to carry out regular maintenance. This helps not only enhance its efficiency, but also ensure you avoid regular Panasonic copier repair because the machine does not breakdown often.

Your copier is critical for your office operations, so high level functionality is essential. The machine should be used with proper care and maintain it properly. By doing so, you enhance its durability and make work easier for all those working in your office. If it has an issue you cannot fix, work with professional technicians for the right repairs.