At PrimeImage Technologies, we work hard to build what we call our Recommended Technology Platform. We know that using products across this platform will give you a great platform to operate your business from (we know this because we use all the listed products/services below to run our own company).

Our engineers are trained in and keep up to date with technology across this core set of products to make sure that we can quickly, efficiently, and expertly assist you with working with those products.

We also maintain a strong network of contract engineers that we can call on for specific expertise in high level or advanced customization of these core services.

Recommended Technology Platform

  • HPE/Lenovo Servers
  • HP/Lenovo Desktops & Laptops
  • HP Printers
  • Aruba/HPE Switches
  • Aruba Networking Wireless
  • Mikrotik Routers (RouterBoard)
  • Bitdefender Anti-Virus w/EDR
  • Veeam Office365 Backups
  • Veeam Backup, Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • APC UPS Power Systems
  • VMware Virtualization – vSphere ESXi
  • Microsoft Azure (Cloud Hosting)
  • Microsoft Server platforms
  • Microsoft 365 Business Suite
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise
  • Yealink IP Phones

Third Party Vendors

Whilst we pride ourselves on our troubleshooting skills and abilities to solve many different types of technical problems, please bear in mind that for 3rd party products outside our Recommended Platform, it may take us some extra time to familiarize ourselves with managing and supporting these products.

If the issues can and should be supported by the 3rd party vendor, then we may help you liaise with the vendor directly to get the problem solved in the most efficient and timely manner for you.

We may still be able to purchase items from other vendors at your request (depending on whether our distributors stock it), however if any unforeseen issues arise in the setup, installation and ongoing use, we may need to invoice you separately for this time.